Monday, February 20, 2006

NYPD Stings Gun Sellers...

"Undercover detectives in "Operation Tripod" posed as gun buyers and were able to purchase a total of 116 guns over the course of a year, Commissioner Ray Kelly announced yesterday."

Amazing. 116 "guns". One year. Give me the cash and I'll bring home 116 firearms a week and that's just in Manhattan. None of the guns were fully automatic or of the "assault weapon" type, just, well, pistols and rifles. But in NYC that means evil incarnate. And let's face it, the money these undercover cops spend on the street is ridiculous. The article goes on to say that the prices were twice what one would expect to pay if purchasing them legally, but duh. These are cops looking to make a score and they flash the cash and don't bargain. And the dumb ass Post doesn't even get it that if the weapons really were going for two times the normal selling price, that simply means that firearms legal elsewhere are artificially inflated because of the city's wacked laws.

116. One whole year. Boggles the mind

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