Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dennis And Geography

From The World Fact Book

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Eastern Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, east of Ethiopia.

From Dennis The Peasant

"Amongst the Somali men, Western dress is virtually universal, and given that they are basically indistinguishable from African-Americans."

From Messenger


A naturalized citizen from Somalia wouldn't be an African-American? What am I missing?

And yes, Arabs are Caucasians so castigating the militant ones and those that aid and abet the militant ones is NOT racism unless intentionally done so by a Mongoloid or a Negroid. I do so on a regular basis, castigate, that is, and "race" has nothing to do with any of it. They are my enemy. Until they surrender I will fight them any way I can. The trigger pullers and those who pay for the triggers. If and when I err, then all I can do during a time of war is to be genuinely sorry, because fighting a war and stopping to hug is the surest way to lose it.

But those who've never fired a shot in anger haven't a clue, and there is no way to explain how the world really is to those behind, not atop, the wall.


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand Dennis' 'Group Hug' sentiments. I realize he is trying to distinguish himself from LGF, but I have read Charles Johnson with acknowlgements when 'moderate' Moose Limbs have spoken out.

We are at war. Why all this reaching out to Moose Limbs? It will just get your hand cut off.

Being on the high ground will just get you gridded for artillery, metaphically speaking.

Fits said...

Thanks Den. Thought as much but figured you'd be along to set my wise ass straight. It's good to have more than one opinion on anything, and for as much as I respect yours, it's a bloody shame a smart guy like you has to be wrong on this. Better you than some cretin I would have paid NO attention to.

And as Spock REALLY said: Live long and don't get any on ya.