Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dennis Continues The Moslem Fest...

Dennis The Peasant: Playing the Muslim Card: Two Assholes Named Glenn

Dennis is being objective. Damn but it must be nice to be objective. To sit back ignoring history's refrain, and common sense...seems like we've been fighting the moslems for what, 1400-1500 years and counting... and just say, hey, let's have yet another look-see at what we know to be absolute shit.

Fuck being objective. I am not and do not pretend to be. The semantic games begin and end with tons of meaningless bullshit spread like so much intelligentsia fertilizer meant to somehow, someway, lead to a better understanding of an age-old enemy. I like taking sides. My side isn't always right, but my pointing that out has nothing to do with objectivity. People can be, and are wrong. A lot. I don't suddenly hate someone I have an otherwise affection towards simply because they don't say what I want said all of the time. They are ragging on Ann Coulter too, over at the Peasant's, and for me she's a balsy broad who could care less. Yeah, she's in it for the cash but she's not a good enough actor to get away posing without something behind the glibbery. Lots of hate for Ann, and if anyone's bothered to take notice I haven't been featuring her weekly diatribe lately. Haven't agreed with the last couple Coulter-isms so I await her return to "normalcy".

All in all, there's a lot going on over there. I disagree with a great deal of what Dennis is saying. Yet he's saying it well, and that counts for a lot in my little notebook of who gets what when, and where.


Anonymous said...

Ann shoulda called Muslims Targets.

And leaving Dennis out of this, and reading comments it occurs to me the left loves its old habit: appeasing our enemies and never being at a loss to incorrectly characterize something said in public.

Fits said...

Yep. Silly me for not understanding how much they hate Ann. Betcha she love it though. If all of MY enemies were lefites I'd have to say that I've been living a good life. Can always spot a good dude by the ones who hate him. High praise when a loon sends me hate mail or comments here. Worth a chuckle but its not like I could actually give a rats ass about what some dirtwater scumbag thought of me. And it's a damned shame the oldtimers are long gone. Can only imagine Patton or Eisenhower responding to the call of let's dryhump our enemies so that they might love us. Too bad Scalia has that wacky day job that prevents him from saying what's REALLY on his mind. It'd be fun to tune in.