Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scientist's Visa Denial Sparks Outrage in India

"A decision two weeks ago by a U.S. consulate in India to refuse a visa to a prominent Indian scientist has triggered heated protests in that country and set off a major diplomatic flap on the eve of President Bush's first visit to India.

The scientist told Indian newspapers that his dealing with the U.S. consulate was "the most degrading experience of my life."
Yes. I'm quite sure that all of India is up in arms because some heretofore unknown chemist frigged up his paperwork and was asked, gasp, to explain what "I blow up things very much thank you for some fire", meant. If you've never seen some of the incomprehensible drivel that passes for visa applications from places like India, then treat yourself first chance you get. After laughing your ass off for a minute or so you'll eventually calm down enough to save the thing where it's easy to find should you need a quick chortle. The Indians use the British chemist to describe what we would call a pharmacist, and in providing the job description for someone who dabbles in actual organic chemistry or the like, they'll oft times generate several lengthy attachments that cannot be translated by anyone to or from any known language.

And degrading? Sure. Stepping aside for your mother the cow is cool but being asked to follow the laws of another country is degrading.


Anonymous said...

"Fits" is as dumb as any average, insular, uneuducated [even if literate] an American can get

Fits said...

I am unaware of the definition of the word "uneuducated", but have traveled the globe far more than virtually anyone I have ever met, and only mock the things I have seen first hand. It's generally referred to as "humor", a word that CAN be found in just about any dictionary. The only thing you got right was the fact that I am an American, and for a liberal loon that's a pretty good ratio of absolute mistakes versus absolute certainties. My vastly non-insular experiences in life lead me to believe that you are young, have never been out of your parents basement for any length of time, are most likely still in school and therefore prone to preaching about things you have absolutely no firsthand knowledge of.

For the record, I DO kinda dig how the dotheads jump out of the way when a recently reincarnated relative trots by in their new bovine disguise. Folks starving all around them, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the hoof roams freely. I DID find it strange that they intentionally cripple their children to make them better beggars, but perhaps you, with your self-proclaimed knowledge and experience that MUST far exceed my own, could explain that.

Thanks for the comment and I look forward to being enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy.

I guess these folks are gonna call a fairly good writer uneducated and then misspell uneducated.

Surely your enemies are better than that. Surely, they're gonna be an intellectual challenge to debate in an open forum.

It can't possibly be that easy for you, Fits.

Fits said...

Ah, you know, bad. It's never about debate with certain folks. Preaching what the Democratic Underground teaches in it's how-to-talk-to-a-conservative line of publications. Hit and run. Leave some skid marks then off to god knows where.

Shame too. I genuinely enjoy speaking with young people and appreciate their side of things. Call me dumb, hell that doesn't bother me, but to infer that someone is insular you'd better know the facts.