Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Time For John And Sammy To Step Up To The Plate...

Abortion Case to Test New Justices

"The Supreme Court agreed yesterday to decide whether a 2003 federal ban on the procedure that critics call "partial birth" abortion is constitutional, setting the stage for its most significant ruling on abortion rights in almost 15 years.

For the Supreme Court, the issue is whether the constitutional right to have an abortion means that any law regulating this procedure must contain an exception to protect a woman's health.

In a 1992 decision reaffirming the abortion right first announced in Roe v. Wade 19 years earlier, the court barred abortion regulations that pose an "undue burden" on women."

And when Congress passed a law stating that partial birth abortions were illegal, the then liberal-leaning Supreme Court didn't utter a peep when such abortions were blithely allowed to continue.

That's the liberal way to interpret the Constitution. To hell with the will of the people, let's stack the courts with enough black-robed lawmakers and we can twist the Constitution to mean anything we say it does. Or doesn't.

Typical of the Washington Post to stand in editorial favor of such atrocities, and how wonderful it will be to see such bastions of lunacy screaming to the high heavens when, one after another, these bogus "rights" are done away with.

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