Sunday, February 26, 2006

Even Conservative Sports Scribes Don't Understand Guns...

"OK, so let's say we're to take the latest insanity at face value:

Let's say we believe the gun 20-year-old TrailBlazer Sebastian Telfair boarded a jet with is a gun that belongs to his girlfriend, and that he grabbed the wrong bag when leaving the house, and that she bought the gun for protection.

But then the question becomes, protection from whom?"

Ah. let me take a wild stab at this, Phil (Mushnick), okay? From those who would cause her harm when he was away from home? The FBI tells us that hundreds of thousands of women defend themselves each and every year simply by the presentation of a firearm, Phil. Overall, two million folks do the same, so it is not a stretch to believe that a woman exercised her rights to own a gun for self defense. What's implausible, is that somehow, someway, he took HER bag with him on the plane.

Every see what a womans luggage looks like?

"Oh honey? You grabbed my stripped-passion-pink-D'Cerio instead of your black on black suitcase when you left this morning..."

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