Monday, February 20, 2006

Well, It's Official...

Debbie fucking Schlussel is insane.

First she jumps all over Misha's shit, saying she's going to sue because of a humor piece he wrote, and now Ms Schlussel has gone after She.

The broad doesn't just need heavy duty mood elevators, she's a candidate for the remake of The 3 Faces of Eve.

"I got another lovely, oh, so friendly email from her. I have to tell you, she writes like a 13 year old girl who is grumpy because no one asked her to the 8th grade party."

Go read the whole schmear. Frickin chick is whacked. Now she's threatening people with the F.B.I.

Next thing ya know, she'll be screaming at badanov for not knowing shit about basketball and threatening to send a gaggle of seven-footers over his joint to slam dunk his ass into oblivion.

But if she takes on Moxie, I call dibs on the video rights. Might even send Lisa on over. 3 blondes. Then all we'd need was a boatload of mud and someone who was good at making DVD copies as fast as possible.


Anonymous said...

The last paradigm I'd associate Schlussel with is competition.

A lot of professionals such as her want to win but they don't want to compete to win.

So, if I wind up in the crossfire on this thing, the only thing I can challenge her on is wargaming. best of three, East Front II, July 1944. Betcha she wouldn't be so tough then.

I may well start paTROLLing her site looking for openings.

Fits said...

I'd follow ya over there but not until I acquire some sort of high-speed connection. Waiting for her to load tasks me.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter

She delete my comment anyway.

Fits said...

LMAO! She deletes you? Holy frig but this broad is jacked. I don't care WHAT someone says here...well, within human reason...I'd never delete someone for merely having a different viewpoint but if they went on a fuck-the-pope-up-the-ass-with-a-sharp-stick then I'd have to think about it.

Holy shit. Now I gotta delete myself.

Fits said...

Copy that. Lem.