Monday, February 20, 2006

Galco 3-Slot

Have been looking at this particular holster and spotted one at eBay. Starting bid was around 2o bucks, and since this can be had over at Cheaper Than Dirt for about $43 or so, I tossed in my own bid. Thing went all the way to $40...used, no less...and I dropped out quick as shit.

It's leather, cheap leather but looks cool so I guess that's why the winner was upping the ante. Got an email from a Messenger-Mutt (his name, not mine) warning me off this particular Galco rig because it was as stiff as plastic and had a tendency to warp into uncomfortable configurations. $20 wasn't a big deal so I gave it a shot but it wasn't to be. I can always order a brandy new one and return the thing if I don't like it. Try that with some sellers on eBay.

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