Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yet another cure for sociopathic behavior...

The new line of Winchester Rangers. Pictured is a .40 caliber retrieved from ballistic gelatin. The old T-series was a buzzsaw of a bullet but had it's problems with maintaining integrity after barrier penetration. The new T's are bonded, and so far seem to be just as nasty.

Only one way to really tell, so I'll be looking for some of the newer rounds to have fun with.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

That looks good.

What's your opinion of the .357 Sig?

Fits said...

Love the .357 Sig. Recoil is there of course but well worth it. The one's I've fired were flat-shooting as all hell, and the police love the thing as a manstopper. I'm thinking of getting a drop-in .357 Sig barrel for my .40 caliber GLOCK to use on those days when a wee bit more oomph is fun.