Saturday, September 18, 2010

8-Year-Old Remains Suspended From School After Toy Gun Fiasco

"Samuel Burgos has fond memories of his friends at school, but he only gets to see them in pictures now.
The 8-year-old boy hasn't been in school for a year and will likely miss another year if the Broward County School Board has its way.
Burgos was suspended from school in November after a teacher found a toy gun in his backpack. But when the boy went to register to go back to Pembroke Pines Charter School, he was told he will be expelled for this school year, too, as part of the county's zero tolerance weapons policy."

Yeah, yeah, same old story different day.

Kid brings toy gun to school, inept teachers suspend him.

Problem is, and forever shall be with regards to the modern "teacher", is the fact that they've been so tossed out of sheltered from society as to be rendered incapable of determining what is real and what isn't. Ask ANY of them about these strict rules and they'll even admit that they simply cannot tell a real firearm from a toy.

You do NOT have to be Colonel Colt to spot an obvious toy, but nowadays the school systems are bursting at the seams with the far left's rendition of humanity, and since mama lefty and daddy lefty said that guns were bad, these present day village idiots are clueless and damned proud of it to boot.

Thanks to David Codrea for the link.

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