Sunday, September 05, 2010

Mosque-site owners put the kibosh on $18 million dollar deal to settle for $4.5 mill...

The original owners of the Ground Zero mosque site mysteriously spurned dozens of higher bids before selling the prime downtown real estate at a bargain-basement price.

New York developer Kevin Glodek was livid when he found out the building sold for a fraction of what he offered in 2007 -- $18 million cash -- and wondered whether money changed hands under the table, according to sources close to the deal.

Glodek and his partners wanted to build a 60-story condo tower with retail space on the Park Place site, had inked a purchase agreement and even had keys to the existing building, according to sources and documents obtained by The Post.

A 60-story condo would have brought mega tax-bucks to a strapped city, but instead, everyone pushed, prodded and pulled the mosque deal...which won't generate squat as it will have mucho religious-entity tax exemptions.

The Glodek partnership offered $18 million, the mosque-site owners settled for less than $5 million, and we're supposed to believe what exactly?

Oh yeah; most probably, the old owners thought the mosque blueprints had far better handicap access. Too bad, too. Glodek was so sure he had a deal, especially after they handed him the keys to the old building. Damned fool should have paid more attention to the height of those bathroom mirrors. 

Yeah. That's the ticket. 

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