Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gun Safety: Ohio Style

Approximately half of all US households have guns. So, even if your house is firearm-free, it's likely your child will enter a home that is not. "Whether or not you have a gun in your home, you need to educate your child about gun safety," says Michael Gittelman, MD, assistant professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and co-director of the Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Greater Cincinnati.

 Families that own guns should take extra precautions to help ensure the safety of children who live in or visit their homes.

"First, I would ask whether or not you really need a gun in your house," Dr. Gittelman says. "If you choose to own a gun, it should be stored unloaded in a locked cabinet or drawer. The ammunition should be stored separately – in a different, locked location. And you need to be sure your children do not have access to the keys."

Dr. Idiotman Gittelman quite obviously hasn't the beginning of an inkling as to what he is talking about. This is typical of someone who offers uninformed opinions on unfamiliar topics, and all the more so when it comes to medical professionals.

His "You should's", and "You need's" are indicative of someone who is A) Far smarter than the rest of humanity and therefore most imperative to listen to, and B) Far dumber than a box of claw hammers and someone it is imperative you lock in a stout cage then throw away the key.

Morons such as this get people maimed and killed by offering such ridiculous advice. By all means, make certain that your children do not harm themselves with firearms, and by all means X-2, have a loaded and ready to operate firearm readily available should douchebags like Dr. Gittelman try barging onto your property.

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badanov said...

Unloaded and locked away, with ammo stored and locked separately.

What's the point?

And that is the point. They want you disarmed.

fits said...


Can't go hurting any of them disadvantaged yutes who were right on the verge of turning their lives around before being gut shot during a home invasion.