Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Decline And Fall Of An American Presidency...

That Took A Country Down With It?

"Someday historians may wonder what were we thinking about when you look at the imbalance of power between the U.S. and Iran, and we sat there with folded hands and watched this happen, going through just enough motions at the United Nations to lull the public to sleep. That, I think, is the biggest threat."

Thomas Sowell 

It isn't that historians "may" wonder, but just one instance where historians WILL wonder why we allowed an impotent crackpot to arm himself with nukes.

5 years from now, 7 or 8 tops, the bill for Barack Obama's treason comes due when the first backback nuke is activated and reaches critical mass in NY Harbor. Then D.C., then the Pentagon. Ground Zero times a million.

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fits said...

We don't really know how far along Iran really is. and by "we" I mean the common folk. Hussein is doing all he can to prevent Israel from taking the bastards out and it simply might be too late to put the genie back. The Jews might very well be buying time by doing things like hacking the Iranian computers and throwing in one glitch after another until Hussein is out of office and a real President can step in and end this farce.

But we don't know. All we DO know is that Hussein has tightened the screws on Israel and continues to voice the opinion that his marvelous oratory can prevent a nuclear exchange in the Middle East.