Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Then...How Did Cutlery Corner Remember September 11th Last Night...

Why with the "American Tragedy Trapper", that's how.

Words truly fail me. The Frosted Flakes over at Cutlery Corner actually tried to take advantage of 9/11 by going out and having one of their crappy Trapper series knives etched with the above words of remembrance.

But it wasn't even a remembrance, or as a memorial, no siree. "Commemorative". As in the recalling of an historic event that one should feel pride over. Now its one thing to have virtually no class, no class at all, but to create something as sick as American Tragedy Trapper is so far beyond the pale as to be easily called tragically disturbed.

After showing it ONCE, they pulled it from the air after people began calling in highly pissed off.

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