Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frost's Flakes Part XCVII

What is SpeedSafe®?
SpeedSafe® is a patented system that assists the user to smoothly open any SpeedSafe® knife with a manual push on the blade's thumb stud or pull back on the blade protrusion. SpeedSafe® is built into many of Kershaw's best-selling knives.

The above can be found at the Kershaw website.

"This here's the Kershaw Shallot, and the opening mechanism is Patent-Pending!"

The above can be found by simply tuning in to Todd Boone at Cutlery Corner. Mr. Boone, with one must presume full permission from James A. Frost himself, seems to think that Patent Pending means, well, Patented.

But then there's this: Since they've often times stolen the registered trademark "Speedsafe" from Kershaw by using "Speedsafe" to describe the assisted opening mechanisms of their own knives, the poor lads simply MUST be confused because REGISTERED TRADEMARK, along with PATENTED, cannot be applied to anything Frost Cutlery buys from Pakistan. To do so would be breaking more than a few laws.

It doesn't stop at just the Shallot, either, as Mr. Boone refers to virtually all of the assisted-opening knives from Kershaw as "Patent-Pending!", perhaps to assuage some of the guilt for ripping Kershaw off so many times.

None of this should be confused with Frost Cutlery's stance that assisted-opening mechanisms are soon to be banned by the federal government, as that is a different story entirely. Whenever the need to spruce up the sexiness of a Pakistani blade rears its ugly head, Boone and his cohorts weep and wail over how "you better buy these knifes now because they simply ain't gonna be made available anymores!"

That is about as far from the truth as one can venture and still be in the same galaxy. Knife laws, on the average, are LOOSENING, not TIGHTENING, something the Frost Flakes know full well but they'll do or say pretty much anything to push their pot metal.

I have never, in all my life, seen the likes of so despicable a group of liars, cheats, and thieves, assembled together in one place. Particularly odious considering the fact that we've reached a point in time where the resumption of our lives as free men is within sight of becoming a reality. I wouldn't expect so repugnant an entity as Frost Cutlery to assist us in such endeavors, but the thought that they'd employ our serfdom as something to use as a selling point is unimaginable, but nonetheless correct.

By the way, here's a link to the Kershaw Shallot, a fine gentleman's blade if ever there was one. The listed price is of course MSRP, but the knife can be had at MOST reputable sites for approximately $46, with $7 or so thrown in for the freight. Or, you could choose to pay $60 per knife over at Cutlery Corner, and ante up $12 or $13 for freight.

Just like the Fudds. Who can't say enough about what a wonderful man Mr. Frost is for helping them save money on knives.

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