Thursday, September 09, 2010

This Day In History...

 September 9, 1776

Call Us the "United States"

A Congressional declaration announces that the "United States," rather than "United Colonies," of America will be the official name of the new nation.

September 9, 2010

Trend - Setter Barack Obama continues to do all he can to reverse history and return the Colonies to Great Britain in return for the Brits promise to influence the Italians enough to admit that Columbus didn't discover squat, rather it was moslems who landed here in 1492 so the place really belongs to them anyway and why fight it. The Brits get the original 13 back, with the exception of  downtown Manhattan which will be evacuated of all non-moslems and turned into something akin to a mosque-Disneyworld. The Italians retain ownership of the pizzerias. Bloomberg stays as Mayor-Iman-For-Life. And gets free leg extension surgery. As a reward for stabbing America in the back, Davey-Boy Petraeus inherits the tittle of General of all Meter Maids, and gets to run the summons-issuing concession that includes overnight cut-rate camel parking for visiting moslems.

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