Friday, September 17, 2010

Obo The Dimmi President

"It's predictable enough to hear this Americans-exercising-their-rights-causes-terrorism-so-it's-their-fault message from a terror-supporter like Rauf (broke slumlord who's holding America hostage for the cash to build his ground-zero-mosque), who considers it his obligation to push America into dialogue with terrorist groups like Hamas. But from President Obama, our nation's Commander-in-Chief, whose most important responsibility is to protect American citizens from "enemies both foreign and domestic," this message is disgustingly candy-assed.

As Mr. Obama is fond of saying, this was a teachable moment...or it could have been. It was not a moment to teach the Muslim world about how we value the Koran or to teach Americans about how or why we should respect Islam. It could have been a teachable moment for the Muslim world. It was a chance for the President of the United States to demonstrate to the Muslim world that we will not back down in the face of psychotic ragefests, that we will continue to exercise our rights as we see fit, and -- the truest lesson in tolerance -- that we will allow people to commit offensive acts with which we disagree even if we disagree with them.

Instead, Obama shilled on behalf of the Islamists yet again. He made excuses for primitives across the globe to engage in their favorite party game: berserk, vein-popping raging; burning American flags; and blowing up such worthless items as human beings of all stripes and 7th-century statues of Buddha. Obama justified their violence. He was the ridiculous third-grade teacher who watches two kids call each other names, then observes as one of the kids breaks a coke bottle over the other one's head, and then finally condemns the bleeding-from-his-eyeballs kid for having engaged in the great unwashed, uncivilized act of name-calling.

You'd never hear the we-cause-violence message from Obama with regard to domestic politics. When crazed wretches like Joe Stack fly planes into buildings, Obama wrongly attempts to blame conservative talk show hosts. He'd never blame a suffocating tax policy for enraging Stack, as Stack himself declared. Yet when Muslims fly planes into buildings, Obama blames America's insensitivity and hegemony and insists that we all bow to the impulses of people who steadfastly prefer open sewage to flushing toilets.
In 2007, Christopher Hitchens wrote a piece for in which he talked about "Rage Boy," a random Muslim protester who was constantly in the eye of the camera whenever the West "provoked" the so-called Muslim street. "We may have to put up with the Rage Boys of the world," Hitchens penned, "but we ought not to do their work for them." Obama does their work for them.

He sure does. Which is why his policies are being castigated for the wretched refuse they are, democrats are running for their lives, and the Conservative base is as energized as ever I've seen it.

Freedom ain't free, we all know that, and our price this time around was to put up with Barry and Lady Michelle for 4 years.

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