Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chicago Granny Got Her Gun

Neighbors said an elderly woman was fed up with constant harassment from a 12-year-old boy, so she took a gun and shot the child after he and his friends threw bricks into her home.

Now, the boy is charged with a crime, while the 68-year-old woman is not.

The boy who was shot, along with another boy, 13, are cited in juvenile delinquency petitions with one count each of misdemeanor aggravated assault to a senior citizen, according to police.

The woman, identified by neighbors as Margaret Matthews, was released from police custody without being charged, on the grounds that she acted in self defense, police said"

She most likely used a .22 handgun and the kid is okay. Regardless of what certifiable morons law enforcement ballistics experts and Hollywood assholes screen writers say, .22's are not all that lethal unless you place the barrel to someones temple and squeeze the trigger. The mob likes 'em because they make a lot less noise and are easily concealed, NOT because they pack the payload of a Hiroshima-nuke.

That out of the way, half the neighbors, strangely enough the black ones, are remonstrating against the woman, while others, strangely enough other black ones, are saying the kid had it coming.

Tell you one thing for certain; Chitown cops don't release someone who shoots someone without damned good reason. Kid had to have been known as a troublemaker from the get go.

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