Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mosque Builder Says To Move Building Would Incur The Wrath Of Islam

NEW YORK -- The imam behind a proposed Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero cautioned Wednesday that moving the facility could cause a violent backlash from Muslim extremists and endanger national security.


Oh that's rich. They're ALWAYS angry. Everything revolves around a potentiality "violent backlash". And the brave soul doesn't want to harm "national security" by inciting all of islam the more extreme camel humpers.

Well, Dr. Jones has gotten word that the story is quite a different one, as some insiders are telling him that the mosque just ain't a 'gonna be erected there anyways so why not save yourself the trouble of having to fend off alla them irate and crazy college kids, and drop the dirty-book burning soiree.

Now back to the "violent backlash"...

They knocked the frickin buildings the mosque is gonna be built upon, DOWN. How much more violent can they get? Have planes revving and raring to go during the construction phases of skyscrapers all over NYC?

It is IMPOSSIBLE for moslems to BE any more angry than they already are. The dopey douche's saw people's heads off, beat and kill their women and children, rape young boys, bathe infrequently, and leave a bloody swath of murder and mayhem the world over. Been doing it for 1500 years or thereabouts, too.

The dopey douche's REAL concern is that we'll catch and kill even more of his idiot friends and family as they parade through the streets en masse and quite pissed,  tossing shoes at whomever doesn't look dirty enough to be related to filthy old Mo.

Damned if we do, damned if we dunna. Build it or they go batshit. Burn it, they go batshit. Move got it...batshit. They even tried to get their Oval-Orifice-Plant to call the Rev, and threaten him with...even more batshittery. 

Enough. Nuke 'em. Won't be long before a real man once again assumes the job of leader of the STILL FREE world, and stands tall enough to spit in their collective eyes. Right after knocking down that wailing wall thingamabob.

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