Saturday, September 11, 2010

Attention All Hands: The Empire Strikes BACK! Frost Cutlery Shows Everyone Who's The Bomb...

Frequent readers know how much I detest con-artists that prey upon the clueless. If ever there was a detestable conman, James A. Frost, in my opinion, is he, the quintessential  poster child for abomination personified. Irate emails have informed me that my ranting about butterknife steel being passed off as modern cutlery has not set all that well with the powers that be at Frost thieves International, and to prove that Frost makes quality knives...which is  impossible because Frost does not have a factory and therefore cannot make anything, but to prove how wonderful their products truly are they would this morning be airing a demonstration of the cutting ability of the Frost Katana.

So they dress up one of the TV Hosts, Miss Sheila Travis, (not to be confused as people with two first names often are, with Travis Sheila), in a ninja outfit, and throw in for bad measure one of the office lady's named Mary, also attired in full frontal Ninja'eze.

They then proceed to draw steel, and each of them squared off against a watermelon.With many a "HIIIIIIIIIYAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!", each lady then sliced her watermelon almost in half.

A watermelon. James A. Frost himself came onstage and said "This is for the folks who say we don't make quality steel!"

So I'm here to take my medicine like a man. Yes, pot steel CAN slice through a watermelon, so there. They showed me. Had to be at least $3 or $4 dollars worth of pot steel in those Katana's, and at $19.95 apiece...with only $20 or thereabouts in shipping charges...quite a steal at a door to door cost of only $49.95.

I am stunned, and rightfully so. I've always known that the Frosted Flakes were desperate to be considered legitimate cutlery manufacturers even though they're not, but to put on a geek show is beyond the pale. 

So here's what I'm fixing to do. I've a video recorder and am going to have a stab at illustrating what a reasonably sharp knife can do. I'll then post it to YouTube, throwing down the gauntlet for Frost Cutlery to duplicate my demonstration with a straight from the box knife that they've purchased from either the Chinese, the Pakistani's, the Indians or even the Germans.  When everything is ready to go I'll let ya'll know where you can view the thing. In the meanwhile, try and stay away from cheap things that can harm you due to no fault of your own.

Once again, Frost does not manufacture ANY knives let alone "handmade and/or custom" ones. Next time you're at or around a Dollar-Store take a look inside to see what their kitchen knives are going for. By us, Dollar General sells 3 butter knives for a buck. Ounce for ounce, there is more steel in even one of those cheap knives than in most grandaddy Frost blades, and the Dollar General guy tells me that they spend an average of $.10 cents...that's correct TEN CENTS per knife. And the very same steel that Frost uses for their "made in Germany" products that are certainly not made in Germany. 

The cheap butterknife steel is made in Germany, because, just like all other steel manufacturers, German-based ones have a range from K-Mart quality door-hinge-metal, to top of the line offerings. The Chinamen order the stuff, Germany ships it to them to be then stamped into something resembling a blade.

10 cents worth of steel. So be careful. Buy what you want but do not take Frost's or anyone else's word on anything until you've investigated them for yourself. But ask yourself this; Germany is NOT a third world country, so how in all hells could they HAND-MAKE a quality knife using state-of-the-art tooling and sell it to Frost at so low of a price as to enable Frost to then re-sell the stuff at $3-$5 a pop?

And the Correct Answer Is: Of course they cannot.

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