Thursday, September 02, 2010

Who Doesn't Like A Good Shark-Eats-Seal Story...

It is the ultimate predator, nature's most efficient killing machine which can hunt and kill its prey with remarkable ease.

Okay. Not a bad intro. A trifle cliched, what with one predator or another being referred to as the "ultimate" this or that, but still not bad. Then...

These dramatic pictures, taken near Seal Island, in False Bay, are part of a decade-long campaign to promote positive awareness of great white sharks, which are classed as "endangered" largely due to being hunted by man.

Now dang it you went and made yourself look foolish. How can something be the "ultimate predator" when it is being hunted to extinction by another predator?

Still and all, its a shark eats something tale and worth a look. The Telegraph, as is the case with most if not all newspapers from the UK, will pretty much print anything to sell the rag, and just pay no attention to the leftwing bias that permeates every Brit attempt to communicate news, and you're good to go. And there's also a cool Leopard-Eats-Crocodile story there, too.

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