Monday, September 20, 2010

We Get Letters...

"...just another rabid neocon who would probably shit himself down each leg if any one came near enough to swing at you....leave the shooting and the killing to the police who know what there doing...then go back to dreaming about your imaginary adventurs..."

I really don't know what in particular fanned the flames of this loon, and since my emailed response was returned as undeliverable I thought I'd have a go at replying here.

I've been on both ends of a barrel my fine, frenzied, friend, and cannot ever recall such goings on causing a bowl movement. But if you've got pictures I'm dying to see 'em.

After years of practicing I don't think it'd be much of a stretch to declare myself at least as capable as the more competent members of the constabulary with regards to defending myself against a gremlin. Can still draw, fire, and hit a pie plate at 20' in about a second, and while that's damned ass slow compared to those that do it for fun & profit, it'll have to do. Was lots quicker way back when but didn't mind missing as much as missing pisses me off these days. Or, I could drop to a lesser caliber; hot .40, .45, and .357 loads can wrestle you hither, yon, and back to hither again if you let them, but a 9mm or .380, .32, etc, would certainly result in quicker shots but that'd mean learning the manual of arms all over again.

By and large I've no complaint with my proficiency in the defensive department, but I can sense that you take umbrage at my thoughts and ideas, as opposed to how fast my trigger finger happens to be, and for that there's but one remedy:

Go fuck yourself.


Bob S. said...

Always love those comments about how gun owners would be unable to control themselves.

Of course, it doesn't seem that reality ever proves them out does it?
Time and time again we see stories of a criminal having a firearm aimed at someone yet the law abiding citizen pulls a firearm and defends her/himself. Usually it is the criminal that soils themselves or turns tail and runs.

fits said...

Thanks for stopping by, gentlemen.