Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mark Levin Takes On Powerline

Powerline Slithers Away Sobbing

"I don't know Paul Mirengoff and I suspect virtually none of you do.  He is one of three lawyers from Minnesota who started a website called Powerline.  Mirengoff is now a Washington lawyer.  He appears to be the least conservative of the three contributors to the website.  I have communicated from time to time with Scott Johnson there, who is more solidly conservative and smarter than the others.  He's also a nice guy.

Anyway, back to Mirengoff.  If you have nothing better to do, take a look at his post from last evening, which was sent to me by a friend. 
Mirengoff starts from the proposition that long-time Republican officials deserve re-election.  There may be occasions when a decent conservative can be supported over an establishment Republican.  But those occasions are few and far between.  And the conservative challenger must be as close to a sure thing in the general election as possible otherwise it's not worth the effort.  Stick with the establishment, Republican office-holder.  So, he's not happy about Angle's win in Nevada, he likes Buck in Colorado, etc., etc. 

Must be nice to sit on your ass in some law office in Washington lecturing tea party activists and others with such dripping arrogance and ignorance.  We're confronting the most radical administration certainly in my lifetime, and Mirengoff blows off the grassroots movement that is doing more to bring constitutional government back to this nation than any other.  No, all candidates are not perfect.  That's not the nature of politics.  And spewing the opposition research found on other sites, leaked in part by a party to a lawsuit involving the conservative candidate, is lazy and unfair.  In fact, I notice nowhere in his superficial post does Mirengoff point out any establishment Republicans with defects, with temper issues, with Keating Five issues, etc., etc.  Apparently there's one test for conservative candidates and another for establishment Republican candidates.  Despite all his defects, McCain was backed by National Review.  How about Mirengoff?  Who did he support?  

Now, if you don't agree with Mirengoff, then you're no better than "the likes of Markos Moulitsas."  So, all you folks out there, who love your country, who are involved in politics for the first time, who've succeeded in electing conservative candidates in primaries in Nevada and are trying in Delaware, among other places, and individuals like me, who are encouraging the same, are no better than a neo-Marxist, Alinsky-type leftist because we seek ideological purity.  This is the kind of genius we get from Mirengoff.  No, Mirengoff, we don't expect candidates to mirror our every belief.  Rand Paul and Sharron Angle won't agree on all matters, just as Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas don't agree on all matters as justices.  But we do insist, as voters, that our representatives attempt to uphold the Constitution and embrace the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  And in his defense of Castle, Mirengoff doesn't even address this."

Loooooooong time ago I stopped reading Powerline. First off, it originates from Minnesota, so pretty much any claim to fame of being a Conservative or even Republican website is off the table. Way back when Bush beat the artist formally known as Algore, the Powerline fella's were aghast to discover that their beloved Minnesota had gone against old George; something anyone with half a brain could have told them a year before election day.

In my experience, Minnesotans are a liberal lot who believe anything they read in the newspapers or see on CBS. Pretty much the entire state, hunters and/or not hunters alike, can be categorized by the sobriquet "Fudd", and they'd be damned proud even if they could figure out what it meant.

And FYI: I don't have a Facebook account. Received notice of this story from a link over at Ann Coulters website.

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