Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Only Weasel Words Will Do

"Support For Obama's Historic Candidacy Is High" (their headline not mine)

"The day a black president took office was historic in American society, and a new University of Florida study shows many Americans are proud. Political Science Department Chair Michael Martinez says telephone surveys conducted during the election season and immediately after found surprisingly low levels of upset and racism among white voters, in fact many supported the candidacy. He says these findings could be encouraging for future minority candidates who may expect a more accommodating electorate."

Even in outrageously liberal Gainesville, finding enough folks to say anything good about Caliph Barry is becoming a chore. So what's a Political Science department to do when their fair-haired boy is being pummeled to Mergatroid?

Conduct a poll that is fashioned in such a way as to focus upon his race...remember now, for liberals its all about race 24/7...then slowly begin spreading the lie that wait a minute, most Americans really DO like Mr. Soetoro after all!

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