Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whistle Blower Proves Barry's Department Of Injustice To Have Lied In Black Panther Case

Former Department of Justice attorney in the Voting Rights section J. Christian Adams has been blowing the whistle on the department for months regarding their lax enforcement of voting rights for any case other than those involving blacks as victims.

Today at PJ Media, he reports that Judicial Watch has unearthed a bombshell: Proof that it was political appointees and not career civil servants, as DoJ has been insisting, who scuttled the Black Panther Party voting rights case.

Yes, the cretins over at Caliph Barry's Department of Injustice were lying their craven asses off about why the Black Panthers were not prosecuted for voter intimidation. 

Deceit, fraud, and virtually anything unconstitutional they can get away with. Welcome to the America where Indonesian/Kenyan (at one time or another both countries have claimed him as a citizen) Barry Soetoro reigns supreme. Virtually everything this man has uttered as being the truth has been demonstrated to be a callous misrepresentation, so why NOT disbelieve his claim to citizenship?

I'm not a birther; just someone who can smell a liar a mile away, and the littlest Caliph stinks to high heaven.

Find the full magilla at American Thinker.

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