Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Every Day Carry: Cold Steel American Lawman

Disregarding the name, which would have been a lot catchier and more true to facts were it to have been called the "Krispy Kreme Kutter", Cold Steel's American Lawman has been building a head of steam and attracting lots of highly favorable attention.

An awful lot goes into a modern pocketknife these days. Just ask Frost Cutlery. Wait. NEVER ask Frost Cutlery anything cuz they lie.

Fact of the matter is, everyone who owns one likes  the thing an awful lot, and here's why

Blade: 3 1/2" Overall: 8 1/8"
Thick: 3.5mm
Weight: 4.5 oz.
Japanese AUS 8 Steel

Large enough to be considered somewhat of a serious cutter, but small and lightweight enough to toss in the pocket, and that right there is enough for a look-see. The steel, competently heat treated, is good enough for most applications and inexpensive enough to keep the knife somewhere in the range of $70 to your door. The G-10 handles are grippy as all get out, some say maybe too much so but those someone's are probably hairdressers who like to keep their darling little fingers nice and soft.

Relatively low cost, great locking mechanism, decent steel, and black, let's not forget oh-so-black, adds up to a winner, and while I recommend only what I consider to be the absolute best products, the Cold Steel Lawman does warrant your attention because to your way of thinking it could very well be the cat's meow.

Clicking the headline link will provide you with mostly more bullshit but still and all a way to order the thing too.

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