Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010...Dove Outreach, Gainesville Florida

Instead of heading the Japs and Germans off at the pass, we waited for them to assemble a military presence powerful enough to nearly conquer the world. Isolationism doesn't work, Neither does sticking ones head in the sand when action is called for.

I am fed up with hearing how burning that filth moslems refer to as the koran is "playing into their hands". Restraint is what liberals ALWAYS call for when speaking about America's enemies. A peaceful protest somehow, to me at least, is immeasurably favorable to running amok like that tree-hugging-loon did last week when he shot up the Discovery Channel.

THAT story went the way of the Dodo, but the Yellowstreamers continue to weep and wail about a perfectly lawful...despite what the town traitors are saying...exercise of Freedom of Speech and Religion.

Not EVERYONE is in favor of allowing these beasts to murder, rape, and abuse the rest of the world without responding with our own views about what islam is really all about.

Terry Jones runs the Dove Outreach facility. I've offered my services should he feel them to be needful. If moslems can dance around a burning American flag then Patriots can roast marshmallows over a burning rag.

If Doctor Jones wants to keep ALL non-members of the church away from the goings on then I understand completely. If he asks me to lend a hand then I'll do whatever necessary to protect the First Amendment. Once last time into the breech.

Oh and by the way; shouldn't it be the moslems saying "don't behead every Tom, Dick, or Harry we don't agree with, or kill thousands of innocents or abuse women or rape young boys, because that'll only incite the rest of the world into wanting to burn korans?  Why any sane person of good will could equate destroying a cult hate primer with murder is beyond me.

That's what the compact with society is supposed to mean. Bad people should be afraid to do bad things because the world is not going to tolerate bad behavior.

LOTS of us are tired of letting them get away with whatever atrocity they want to get away with. Time for the lowlives to understand that not everyone is afraid of their threats.

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