Sunday, September 05, 2010

Frost Cutlery...The Cheat Goes On

"...I have experienced multiple occasions of Frost Cutlery not honoring their warranty.

On one order several knives of the same model developed cracks in the rubber handle. A few other models had problems too. A phone call to their "customer service" department ended with the claim that workmanship defects will only be warranted within thirty days. The cracks occurred 2-3 months after the shipment was received! Lifetime Warranty? I think not!!

On another occasion, a knife I purchased for my own use had a very fine crack in the handle. Upon receiving the knife, I noticed the crack but because it was so fine, I wasn't sure if it was actually a crack or just a scratch. Needless to say, it turned out to be a crack when a small piece of the handle at the crack flaked off.
Again, a call to the "customer service" department proved fruitless. Once again the thirty day warranty on workmanship was cited.

The real killer with this is the fact that the girl on the phone at Frost Cutlery not only was totally unconcerned with my claim, but frankly was pretty rude in her attitude towards me as a customer. I guess she gets tired of denying warranty claims all day long!

The lifetime warranty that is touted by the TV hucksters working for Frost is completely false! The only prayer you have of obtaining any type of warranty from this company is finding a problem within their thirty day window, after receiving your order.

To provide Frost with a little credit, I did find problems with one order. FOUR of the six knives ordered had defects! I called right away and was given a return authorization. Returned the bad knives at my expense, and received replacement knives within a month. Four of six! Not exactly a testament to quality!

Additional note--Some of the knives claimed to be from Solingen Germany are actually steel made in Solingen then shipped to Pakistan for assembly/manufacture. They are stamped accordingly.

I have decided that I am no longer going to tolerate this behavior by taking my business elsewhere. There are plenty of companies offering comparable products at comparable prices with REAL WARRANTIES!!

I suggest you do the same. The greatest benefit you can give for poor service is to deny them your money. Then when the coffers run dry they might stop to wonder why. This will go unnoticed by Frost right now, they are riding a marketing wave and making a ton of cash. However, the wave will come crashing down with their lack of concern for their customers, outright lies about their warranties, and questionable quality of their products.

Stand firm, be vigilant, and these shysters will receive their just deserts.

Lacey, Washington

Terry's missive was found at Ripoff Report which really should have a section all its own devoted to the Frosted Flakes over at Cutlery Corner.

While Terry's post was over a year ago, last night on the traveling bunko show Mr. Todd Boone was at his lying, cheating, thieving best, referring to 420J steel as a "tool steel" in order to shanghai as many of the uninformed as is humanly possible.

420 J is mostly used for liners, belt clips, etc, and only Frost could try and get away with not only using this crap for blade steel, but lying about its properties, too.

I continue to receive emails of protest whinging about my exposing Frost Cutlery for the scamsters they are, and if I get a chance may post a letter or two later on. But as far as poor Terry believing that purchasers will soon shun the Frosted Flakes, well, fat chance.

Two million males turn 18 every year in the U.S.

That's one helluva market to steal from. And they buy into lies such as certain of the Frost brand being manufactured in Solingen, Germany, which of course they are not. Germany sends mega-tons of stainless steel to China and Pakistan, and in turn the Chinese and Pakistanis lie about the grade of steel and try to foist off inferior products. The Orient asks for bottom of the barrel crap steel from Germany, is sent what they ordered, and then tries the old slight of hand. German manufactures can make steel with the best of them but at the end of the day they send the customer what the customer wants.

Frost cutlery is well aware of this, and aids, abets, and elevates these lies to an art form.

NONE of their knives are made...beg pardon...HANDMADE in Solingen, Germany. And even if they are referring to merely the steel, the steel makers do not employ blacksmiths to hand make anything. The alloys are melted, blended, rolled, then stamped out in blade form from sheets. Virtually everyone with half a brain knows this, and many shrug it off as being a Chinese thing.

But Frost, bring the dishonest critters they are, accommodates the Chinese propensity to be disingenuous by fostering such illegal goings on. And make no mistake. If someone tells you they are selling you a product that is assured of being considered high quality due to the make up of its components, then builds that product with a far inferior component, this is illegal.

Like taking a Yugo and disguising it as a Cadillac. Can't call it a Cadillac if it isn't but Frost could not care less about the junk they have made for the cluelessly unawares.

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