Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazed Moslem Mistakes Dean For Governor...Slashes Wrong Throat...

"Missouri governor was intended target of stabbing at MCC-Penn Valley," reads the headline of today's Kansas City Star.  On Tuesday, mistaking the community college dean, Al Dimmitt, for Governor Jay Nixon, student Casey Brezik, 2 2, slashed the dean's throat, almost killing him. The governor, on the way to the college, cancelled his visit.

Not surprisingly, the story has gotten almost no attention beyond Kansas City.  The media do not want you to know Brezik's politics.   As his Facebook page makes clear, he seems to have absorbed just about every left wing gripe in the academic ether: environmental extremism, anti-capitalism, anti-Semitism and Christophobia, among others.

The day before the attack, however, this young progressive finally got religion.  In reaction to Terry Jones' proposed Quran burning, Brezik raged, "This is now a Holy war. Scriptures have been desecrated. War U can't handle. Make a choice and quick." 

Now hold on thar (with apologies to Queeksdraw).

Wasn't America electing a moslem supposed to make them LIKE us more? 

If so, then why have there been more islamic terror attacks in Barry's year and a half then in ALL of the Bush Presidency after 9/11? 

Just another one of those mysteries of life, I guess. 

What ISN'T a mystery is the Yellowstream Media handling this as NOT being yet another crazed moslem looking to kill someone, ANYone.  

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