Saturday, September 11, 2010

On To What The Religion Of Interminable Bitching Has Wrought

I really hate this anniversary. We've been dishing out payback for 9 years now and have yet to scratch the true surface, which is of course the fact that islam is an avowed enemy and needs to be dealt with sooner or later...before someone sells them a suitcase nuke or two.

All we do is play pattycake when we should be kicking some serious ass and let the devil take his own.

God Bless America.


Bah_humbug said...

Yeah, all we hear about are the 'Radical' Muslims 'perverting'
The Religion of Peace'. First Bush and now the First Muslim POTUS. This is all P.C. BULLSHIT. Islam is a supremacist death cult which should be eliminated from our shores. It is incompatible with our Constitution. We better wake the hell up before it's too late. My fear is that the Muzzies play it right, and just keep on slowly pounding the wedge until they get their victory. Unfortunately the only thing that I think will wake the people up is if they do something really terrible.

fits said...

They killed 3000 people in NYC, and 9 years later they want to build a monument to their victory and our president is all for it.

Throughout history its been their modus operandi. For now, we've lost, plain and simple. We hesitate at every turn lest it disturb the poor moslems; "we" meaning the folks who live in D.C. and spread their cowardice like a virus.

The worm will turn. Not everyone is so afraid and cowardly. But their siren call is a damned strong one, took a 4 Star General, and Sarah Palin in one swell foop. Hard to know who to trust but the weak always show their true colors when the chips are down. Funny thing about America is whenever there's a challenge someone steps up to the plate, we just haven't met him yet but he's out there.