Monday, September 20, 2010

We've Heard This All Before...But...

GOP Plan: Draw 'Line in the Sand' on Spending

Looking to take over the House come November, Republicans are planning to chip away at Obama's legislative agenda — particularly the health care law — by depriving programs of cash.

Well it sure as hell better be different "Republicans" drawing that line, because when it comes to spending, our weak-kneed little sisters of charity have done their fair share of spiraling us into deeper and deeper debt.

Obama doesn't care, neither does Nancy Pee. It's their JOB to ruin the American economy in order to usher in a federal takeover of everything from butter to bullets, so our "Republicans" better do something because what would be in store for Caliph Barry can just as easily land upon THEIR shoulders, too.

This is serious stuff, make no mistake about it. Right this very minute I'd vote for Florida's secession from the Union, and if we kept the dead people, the illegal immigrants, and the Black Panthers away from the polls, much of Florida would do the same.

We'd have to take out Disney, that's for sure, but it'd be a piece of cake handling that Mickey Mouse outfit.

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