Saturday, September 25, 2010

Frost Cutlery Scams Anew

Evil never rests. Last night was a perfect example of why I despise the lying, cheating thieves from Frost Cutlery. Seems they were offering an every-15-minute giveaway. A Chinese knife, worth perhaps 50 to 60 cents of cheap steel garnished with pimp-appeal mother-of-pearl scales and plastic washers, was to be awarded free of charge to an over the phone purchaser. All you had to do was call to order a knife and your name "went into a hat."

One problem. Cutlery Corner is broadcast here in Florida, as well as in a lot of other areas, HOURS after the "live" show from Tennessee is over, and, obviously, so was the giveaway. No mention is EVER given to the fact that a great many people are watching a pre-recorded program, and the hustle just keeps on a'comin'. Cannot even begin to imagine how many clueless viewers thought it'd be worth a chance to "win" themselves a free knife without knowing that everyone from Frost Cutlery was home in bed and the "special customer appreciation giveaway" loooooooonnnnnnng over.

And yes, as usual they lied throughout the program, offering "factory-direct" cutlery even though James A. (stands I'm sure for asshole) Frost does not own a knife factory. Apologizing that they "just can't make 'em fast enough", when in fact they don't "make" anything.

Unscrupulous bastards just don't stop swindling folks and as long as they do I'll be here to shove a burr up their ass.

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