Friday, September 24, 2010

Re-Profiled Then Sharpened To A Razors Edge Kershaw Shallot in CPM S110V

So I sent a knife to a friend who does lots of testing and has a good hand with both still and video camera. The following is the video he just released, featuring my Kershaw Shallot in CPM S110V.

Why Jim? Several reasons, chief among them his being a nice guy with no axe to grind. Shit that was a play on words and I didn't mean to. Anyway, like a great many of us, Jim is interested in one thing and that's the bottom line. Which steel is best for which application. And being one of the finest hands at re-profiling and sharpening a blade as ever I've seen, doesn't hurt. Jim doesn't particular care who makes what, just how what they make works. Match made in heaven.

Why the Shallot? CPM S110V is currently THE super steel available today with regards to knife blades. Look at it this way; the light versus the darkness coming out of black holes like Frost Cutlery.

Carbon: 2.8%
Chromium: 14%
Vanadium: 9%
Columbium: 3.5%
Molybdenum: 3.5%
Cobalt: 2%

Now watch what a super-steel can do in the hands of a pro.

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