Thursday, September 09, 2010

GLOCK Glass Busting...

Mako Security, producer of combat weapon accessories, introduces their light weight Glass Buster. This excellent device will instantly break automotive or any other tempered glass. Easily installed or removed will attach to all Glock FGR pistols, Weaver Base or Picatinny Rail. Widely used by Law Enforcement, emergency services and military. Includes a lower rail for attachment of additional accessories.

Um. Ah. Well. Whew. What's next. Attaching a gun barrel to a hammer? Could not BE less ergonomic.


Bah_humbug said...

Better get that thing over to the Box 'O Stupidity for some testing. Wonder if they make one for the Shiloh Sharps too?

fits said... may have something there...

Watching fatso charging milk bottles with his Shiloh would be priceless.

Am emailing him now with the suggestion.