Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Americans Fear?

According to Atlanta Journal & Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker, Democrats will likely lose big in November because of “the elephant in the room” nobody’s talking about, that being “race, changing demographics, fear of a white minority.”

Liberals typically pull ‘racism’ out of their worn playbooks and expect to pass it off as intellectual engagement. Deluding themselves that they are the analytical ones among us, their tripe is impressing no one except maybe each other. And by the way, race is about all that liberals DO talk about!

Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party activists and patriotic Americans in general have responded enthusiastically to the leadership and examples of Justice Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Alan Keyes, Michael Steele, J.C. Watts, Herman Cain (former head of Godfather’s Pizza) and others. Popular pundits/authors include Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Star Parker, Ken Hamblin, etc. Americans of various ethnic and national backgrounds comprise the list of elected officials and candidates, so, nice try, Cynthia.

Sin-Thia Tucker would gleefully point out that, to her, the above mentioned American blacks are nothing more than Uncle Tom's; bought and paid for by the Conservative agenda makers. We of course do the same thing, wonder aloud about the motives of black Americans who enjoy modern slavery and therefore must remain liberal, but there's more to it:

Liberals cannot understand why black women don't stay at home and live off of the government. By and large, black men  cannot, because most often they leave the nest and are soon incarcerated for high misdemeanors and felonies, but what the heck is wrong with ANY female of the negro persuasion who isn't procreating on Uncle Sam's dime?

THAT is the elephant in the room. Conservatives cannot understand why everyone capable of contributing to society is not out there contributing. And, by the way, I don't know about you but I'm getting more and more disgusted listening to the slave-patois uttered by black Americans who are of the liberal persuasion. Condi Rice, as wimpy as she is, can at least speak with a high degree of legitimacy regarding the understanding of oral English. Maybe liberals like their black people barefoot and pregnant and incapable of stringing together two syllables of correct English. Simply do not know.

So uh-huh, there are PLENTY of elephants sharing the lefty demesne and to even make mention of it causes them a never ending onslaught of hypoxia. Adults smart enough to know just how wrong they are, often result to shrieks and bellows in order to make a point because let's face it; its gotta be hard to open and end ones day with lie upon lie.

Very first thing most white folks do when they've accumulated enough resources to make a go of it, is to spend their vacations trying to darken their skin color, you blithering racists who claim  its all about melanin. White, black, purple, or even whatever color Michelle Obama is, none of it makes a damned bit of difference. I'm certainly not afraid of being a "white" minority, maybe because I'm an outdoors fella who is far from white. I AM troubled by the thought of wasting the American Dream on liberals who despise anything and everything American, and if those same liberals happen to be cocoa to my sometimes mahogany, then so be it. If my lighter-skinned brothers who like to be referred to as African-Americans, or even a sister like the light-skinned Sin-Thia Tucker, are in disagreement, they can kiss my ass, which for obvious reasons remains the hoariest of alabaster.

In Macy's window. Christmas season. Twelve O'clock high noon. In front of God and everybody. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited by law.

PS: A new pic of me, versus Sin-Thia Tucker. She's makeup cocoa, and nowhere near as truly dark as I get in the summertime. So therefore, as a man of color I am insulted by her and those like her who think they can speak for us of the darker persuasion.

Awaiting an apology.

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