Thursday, September 02, 2010

Now They Shouldn't Have Went And Done That...

I'm not an NRA member. The NRA did not endorse Harry Reid. According to the following email I received from Guns & Patriots, that makes me a Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi lover.

This does not amuse me.

Hey Gunners,

Thursday I was at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA. I had the chance to meet with Wayne LaPierre and I spent a few hours with my good friend, and the person I respect more than anyone else on this earth, Jim Land. These men are both officers of the NRA.

I was there to record radio commercials. Yep, the voice you frequently hear in NRA commercials is me. While I was there we filmed the weekly legislative update. Instead of airing the update, the NRA formally announced that there will be no Harry Reid endorsement. Did you really think there was going to be an NRA - Harry Reid endorsement?

What you must realize is this: Not all conservatives are pro-gun. There are people out there encouraging you to stay away from the NRA. They are not NRA members, they are not shooters and they will encourage you to join any organization, but the NRA. If anyone tells you to stay away from the NRA ask them if they are a member. If the answer is "no," then realize they have the same position on the NRA that Obama and Pelosi do -- they don't want you to join.

What was it, just a few weeks back when the NRA was sending out official emails indicating that they were indeed going to endorse Harry Reid, then when the shit hit the fan they decided not to?

One of the reasons I'm not a member is how absolutely stupid they must be to go and do something like this. Not joining the NRA, is now tantamount to being an anti-gunner. Not merely someone disinterested in the NRA's manner of going about their business, not just someone exercising his right to pick and choose as he sees fit, nope. Anti-NRA means Anti-Gun.

Fuckers have me seriously pissed. Oh and not for nothing, but the Ruger P345R in .45 acp they're featuring in this last edition I'll ever read,  is a piece of crap. Bore axis too high, trigger too balky and at 11 pounds is way too heavy for a short and light little gun to keep on target, and hollowpoint rounds fired from shorty .45's don't expand. That means the ammo mfg's then create lighter bullets that can travel faster, and sooner rather than later you're packing something close to resembling a really bulky 9 mm. Single biggest reason I gave up toting a .45 acp is that once you go below 5" or thereabouts in barrel length, you might as well be using FMJ's and I'm too much a fan of hitting some miscreant with a .80 caliber expander than a .45 caliber through & through.

Back to the grinning idiot who called me an Obama-Reid-Pelosi fan...So that's your untrained, unattractive voice doing the NRA commercials? Keep pluggin' away bunky. Sooner or later you'll discover something you're good at. Since writing and speaking are out, perhaps Dancing With The Stars might be worth a looksee.

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