Thursday, September 23, 2010

White House May Attack Those "Extreme And Unhinged" Tea Partiers

Somehow average Americans who pine for constitutional limited government and the ideals of the founding period are considered extreme and unhinged. Meanwhile, White House officials and career legislators who expand the national debt and subjugate free enterprise are viewed as mainstream. That’s the world, according to the New York Times.

Consider the sub-head used on a front page story that ran on Monday about Obama Administration officials who now speculate that their party’s fortunes could be uplifted by interlinking the GOP with the Tea Party movement.

The sub-head reads: “Democrats Could Cast Rivals as Being Taken Over By Extremists.”

It is with complete certainty that one may make suggest His Highness King George believed the Founding Fathers to be "extreme and unhinged". It was after all, in response to his taxation without representation that instituted the very first Tea Party. Roosevelt thought the Japs to be unhinged, and ask a Jew, any Jew save for liberal Jews, their feelings about Hitler.

For the first time in the history of the Republic, though, there are highly placed government officials who have such a primal fear of the Tea Parties as to make personal attacks upon private citizens. Ask Lady Shelly's press secretary about her lavish Spanish vacation and the answer you'll receive is that "the first lady is a private citizen and therefore not subject to government scrutiny."

That's because Lady Shelly, Blessed in Grace To Lord Satan and all the demons in Hell,  is a SPECIAL PERSON demanding of SPECIAL TREATMENT, and so what if she uses our planes and men and resources to have a European fling, she is not, repeat not to be held accountable nor responsible.

But you and me; the regulars, irregulars, the veritable spine of the country, can be attacked at will with not only the blessing of the Obama Caliphate, but the Yellowstream Media as well.

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TJP said...

Obama calling a bunch of regular Americans "extremists". I can almost hear the laughter now.

No one has forgotten the "Joe the Plumber" hit job, either. Any statist weaseling into the confidential records of Tea Partiers is going to encounter some resistance. (Isn't it funny how when the ATF needs to prevent a defendant's exculpatory evidence from being heard, tax information is confidential.)

fits said...

Pause for a moment to think what would George do...

George Bush. Any of the George Bush's. Last count there were an even dozen I think because the angry left couldn't be speaking of just one or two men.

Ok, we're thinking of a George Bush. He gets all pissed off, but this George Bush has been to all the schools that Barry O has slept in, and instead of keeping his mouth shut and maintaining the dignity of the Office, this George Bush let's it fly with something like "What in the fucking world is up with alla this Congressional Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus, and Lordy if its not the Asian Caucus now too?

"All they do is bitch about "equality" and how everyone should be treated similarly then first chance they get they go and form their own club where NO ONE ELSE can join. How is this helping America...?"

Well yessiree Bob, that George Bush would be impeached in a nanosecond because the President is supposed to act Presidential and not like some sort of racist who excoriates people who disagree with him.

The President is supposed to be a hired hand who follows the Constitution and PROTECTS America and her Americans.

Unless his name is Barry Soetoro.