Wednesday, December 28, 2005

64% Of Americans Believe Suspect Phone Calls Should Be Monitored..

Polls, schmols, but what the hell. Rasmussen polling has some interesting numbers up concerning how Americans feel about phone calls linked to terror suspects, and we got the word from Michelle Malkin.

Can you even imagine the furor if Bush, or for that matter ANY President left a reasonable stone unturned in the attempt to protect us. THAT my dear friends, would be just cause for impeachment, not the fact that the man has been good to his word in using every resource he can muster to prevent militant Islam from attacking us. It was fine with the liberals when Janet Reno sent in machinegun toting thugs to kidnap a child, kicking down the door to someone's home just to keep Castro happy, but let Bush give the okay to listen in on those who would kill us as fast and as often as they could, and suddenly our liberties have been impugned.


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