Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hell...If the Times can reveal information detrimental to the safety of the country, then US News can too...

The latest flap will be all about more intrusions of "privacy", as intelligence organizations are monitoring mosques and the poor moslems that frequent them, for signs of radiation activity. Nation and World: EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Monitoring of Muslims Done Without Search Warrants (12/22/05)

"In Washington, the sites monitored have included prominent mosques and office buildings in suburban Maryland and Virginia. One source close to the program said that participants "were tasked on a daily and nightly basis," and that FBI and Energy Department officials held regular meetings to update the monitoring list. "The targets were almost all U.S. citizens," says the source. "A lot of us thought it was questionable, but people who complained nearly lost their jobs. We were told it was perfectly legal."

The question of search warrants is controversial, however. To ensure accurate readings, in up to 15 percent of the cases the monitoring needed to take place on private property, sources say, such as on mosque parking lots and private driveways. Government officials familiar with the program insist it is legal; warrants are unneeded for monitoring from public property, they say, as well as from publicly accessible driveways and parking lots. "If a delivery man can access it, so can we," says one.

Georgetown University Professor David Cole, a constitutional law expert, disagrees. Surveillance of public spaces such as mosques or public businesses might well be allowable without a court order, he argues, but not private offices or homes: "They don't need a warrant to drive onto the property -- the issue isn't where they are, but whether they're using a tactic to intrude on privacy. It seems to me that they are, and that they would need a warrant or probable cause."

And there you have it in a nutshell. Searching for nuclear materials is an invasion of privacy, so says the moonbat with a law degree. Is there any sane person on the entire planet that would agree with this nutjob?

I for one am feeling damned good about the diligence exerted to keep us safe, and cannot help but believe that the vast majority of Americans will as well. We're at war, and idiots like the absentminded professor from Georgetown would have us worry about rights being violated if a geiger counter picked up static from a mosque, because his interpretation of the living, breathing constitution grants imaginary rights to all who would do us harm. War is an all-out force on force situation, and the old saw of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure is never so appropriate.

And reasonable. Monitor the fuckers, trace the calls back to the their homelands from hell, and at the sound of one little click where there should not be one, Allah-House-Go-Boom. Courtesy of the people you murdered 4 years ago.

"Intrude on privacy" my ass. These molestors of all that is good gave up any right to privacy when they took us on, because that's what war means. The enemy has the right to surrender or die.


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