Thursday, December 22, 2005

Son Of Colts Coach Tony Dungy Kills Self...

"The whole family is good people. You know Tony, how he raised a family," Edwards said from Jets training camp in Hempstead, N.Y. "A tragedy. I know the prayers of the National Football League go out to him and his family."

The incredibly poor English aside (and what else would one expect from a Jets coach), it is a rather ludicrous thing to suggest that a man raised his family well the day after one of them commits suicide. There was something very unwell with that young man, and all we hear from the brainless football folks is how wonderful a father Tony Dungy was, with the emphasis of course on was. Not that any father should take the lions share of responsibility for such an act, but in the name of all that's sane do none of these idiots see the irony?

Great kid, great Dad, great family. Oh, and there's the little thing called suicide but what the hell, let's not ruin a chance for a group hug by spoiling it with the facts.

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