Monday, December 19, 2005

Changing Them PJ's...

Okay, so this is getting worse by the minute. The PJ ads are being rotated to feature different quotes from various folks, and here is one of the latest ones:

"The core of the American people has manifested itself most purely in blogs because elites for so long controlled all avenues of communication. Those days are now over." Tammy Bruce, Editorial Board.

Um, so we'll replace the elite mainstream media with the elite blogging media? They're under attack from the very medium they were once a part of, and to counter such criticisms come up with an absolutely ludicrous quote from Ms Bruce?

It's some sort of bad dream, it really is. I can't even tell when the PJ's are talking tongue in cheek any more because it all sounds so very lame and pretentious.

"...elites for so long controlled...avenues of communication..."

Isn't that what THEY are trying to do?

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