Monday, December 26, 2005

Michelle Malkin On The Spying Flap...

"Alarmists in the Beltway want investigations (but not of the leakers who fed the Times its story). The civil-liberties sky is falling, they say, and never have Americans been subjected to such invasive snooping.

Funny enough, another story about unprecedented domestic spying measures broke a week before the Times' stunt. But neither the Times nor the ACLU nor the Democratic Party leadership had a peep to say about the reported infringements on Americans' civil liberties. Sen. Charles Schumer (by the way, Chuck, how's that apology to Lt. Gov. Michael Steele over his stolen credit report coming along?) did not rush to the cameras to call the alleged privacy breach "shocking." Sen. Robert Byrd did not awake from his slumber to decry the adoption of "the thuggish practices of our enemies." The indignant Times editorial board did not call for heads to roll.

That's because the targets of the spy scandal that didn't make the front-page headlines were politically incorrect right-wing extremists."

While every administration caters to the whims of it's constituency, and often turns a blind eye to their transgressions, Michelle is spot on in her assessment of the chicken-littles trying to convince the American public that electronic eavesdropping has never before been used against Americans. Once a people achieve "minority" status they are endowed by liberals with an aura of invincibility, because, as we've said on many occasions, they automatically become the ones who'll vote for leftwing politicians. The Democratic gravy train makes scheduled stops everywhere people want something for nothing, or extraordinary protection the majority does not enjoy. Read all of Michelle, she's on a good roll with this one.

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