Saturday, December 24, 2005

This Just In From Pajamas Media...

Star Seen In East...

May Lead Wisemen To Savior...

Updates As They Arrive...Brought To You Direct From PJM's New Blog Partner, Jesus The Model

You can click into today's Pajama Party and learn that:

It's the most analyzed time of the year

And be provided the obligatory 9 links all cluttered together in one long paragraph, or, scroll a tad and find several more, or, scroll again to see what Roger Simon has to say about growing up in NYC. Be still my beating heart.

I still say it cannot possibly be this bad and we're all missing the punchline.

PS: No PJ ads on Drudge, and here I thought he'd be running Christmas Specials that they'd jump on even though in their case it'd be a waste of effort and somebody elses money.

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