Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Thug" is now a racist word as well..

As well as pretty much anything derogatory one might say about any minority member and/or group. Pretty soon the only description politically correct enough to employ when venting displeasure over a black or "latino" will be not-so- honey-buns.

December 22, 2005 -- "In the war of words over the ongoing transit strike, Mayor Bloomberg's use of the word "thuggish" to describe the actions of union chiefs has whipped up a firestorm of controversy.

African American leaders like the Rev. Al Sharpton and City Councilman Charles Barron have taken offense at Bloomberg's use of the word during a press briefing Tuesday, while a mayoral spokesperson accused the leaders of playing the race card."

They ARE thugs. And assholes too. I am all for the working man but their demands are ludicrous and their behavior outlandish. I realize that it makes me a bad conservative to cheer the average joe on when he confronts the man over working conditions or salary, but when I see the money politicians and movie "stars" and captains of industry make it pisses me off and I don't care if the wages and benefits are generous when it comes to city workers. But these city workers are being far too greedy and the leadership hides behind it's minority status and can say anything they want to make a point...then THAT pisses me off as well.

And we all know what a jerkwad racist Rev. Al is, so I won't go there.

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