Monday, December 19, 2005

The Pajamas Media Ads Have Arrived...

...and boy do they suck.

Michelle Malkin had three, count 'em, three of these on her blog yesterday, but a different one today. Today's words of wisdom, you know, the hook to draw you to the Pajama Party, comes from Jonathan Klein of CBS when he uttered the infamous guys-in-pajamas line. Everyone who reads blogs knows of this. How is this supposed to make me really really wanna go join the fun.

Beg pardon? It's still a lot better than Roger reminiscing about how he felt when he met Richard Prior?

Good point.
And oh yeah, the "Best of the Blogs" deal. What blogs? Their blogs? They actually hired the best bloggers in the world? Or is it the best from all blogs? And biased reporting from whom? LGF in it's constant attack against moslems, maybe? Not that I mind that Charles is the big-shot islamic watchdog blogger dude, somebody's gotta do it, but the foes of LGF...and this includes conservatives as well as liberals...often point out that Charles never features anything but one side to his tales of raghead woe, and is therefore far from objective. Come to think of it, aren't 99.9% of ALL blogs far from objective? Isn't that kinda the point? To feature what's on YOUR mind? Is there an objective media entity anywhere? Would we want one? Is everything up for debate? Don't the Kos-like blogs constantly complain about how biased the opnion is on conservative blogs and vice versa? One man's meat, don't ya know. Or is Jeff talking about the MSM? And why should I, or anyone else for that matter, have to ask so many questions about something that should be self evident. Advertising kinda should be a tad bit more than this.

PS: I cribbed the PJ ad thing from LGF. They wouldn't have me as part of the group were I to receive a scazillion hits an hour. And any club that would let me join isn't one I'd want to be associated with. Right, Groucho?

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