Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Oil For U

"Flowing at 1 million barrels a day — equal to 20 percent of today's domestic oil production — ANWR oil would almost equal America's daily imports from Saudi Arabia. And it would equal the supply loss that Katrina temporarily caused, and that caused so much histrionic distress among consumers."

George Will describes in detail the nonsense surrounding the "environmentalists" love for one of the most barren patches of land in the known universe. Isn't about the Caribou, or the indigenous peoples, or the trees...there are's about the screaming me-me's getting what they want when they want it. And yes, politics attracts such tomfoolers, in droves, but the liberal politicos have cornered the market in style over substance, and 30 years after the Alaskan pipeline debate they continue to try and prevent us from obtaining the fossil fuels we so desperately need. And the Republicans appear so frightened of next Novembers elections, that they dare not stand in the way of these drones, for fear of losing the majority in congress. A majority they've hardly used, so when one must question their motives as well. Some of us were foolish enough to believe that it was all about us. We elected them to represent our ideologies but most of what they've accomplished closely resembles the side of the aisle we abhor.

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