Saturday, December 24, 2005

Aussie Arrested For Sending "Hate" Text Messages

"An Australian man has been charged over the circulation of mobile phone text messages inciting racial violence, the first arrest of its kind since race rioting hit Sydney beaches almost two weeks ago."

Am patiently awaiting response to an email I sent to the Sydney PD last week, in which I inquired as to what "race" they were referring to. Seems that asking the moslems to behave in anything resembling a civilized manner is considered racist by the authorities down under, and as anyone who's ever been to the beach at Cronulla can avow, it's long past the time something was done to educate these FOPP's (Followers Of the Pedophile Prophet) as to how to conduct themselves when away from their homes or other filthy places.

Wearing a skimpy bikini? Sorry, but they'll surround your beach blanket and literally kick sand on you until you either cover-up or leave. Bring along a ham sandwich for a snack? No way. They'll rip the food from your very hands and toss it into the ocean because it offends their "culture". It all began when the friendly Aussies decided to welcome rather than shun the FOPP's, because the worst thing one can do is allow these barbarians any leeway, as they take it as a sign of weakness and begin instituting their rules each and every chance they get.

I'm not conjuring a rant to incite violence but when someone takes a swing at me I swing back, and it's reached such an unfortunate state of affairs that the only way to protect oneself in Australia is to do away with the defensive posturing in favor of an offense. But make it a legal offense, guys, or they win because the press is going to scream racism any chance they get and you're back to square one when confronting these smug monstrosities masquerading as human beings. Yes, they're animals, but no, you cannot treat them as such without coming out on the short end of the legal stick. I've had more than my share of run-ins with FOPP's the world over and feel for you, but you let your government disarm you and even worse, welcomed surrenduring the right to protect yourselves. This is what happens when politicians convince their contituencies to become sheep.

The road back will be a long and arduous one, but take my word for it, you must first stop your liberal masters from doing more harm because Australasia will soon become Australislam if you do not. History has proven time and again that these thugs only stop when people of good will rise up to meet the challenge and drive them back. Fire the ministers that have brought you to this sorry state of affairs, and hire ones who believe in the rule of law over barbarism. I know it's so very tempting to become part of the mob mentality but they'll jail you for sending text messages fer chrissake, so use your intellect. Brains and culture are something moslems do not have, so you're a step above the enemy at the get-go and don't toss away your obvious advantages because they've made you half crazed by their 6th century atrocities.

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