Saturday, December 17, 2005

This Might Help The PJ's...

Steve over at Hog On Ice has the latest Pajamas Media idea for what to call their blithering blog. And it case you've been away from the tempest in a teapot that is blogdom, it goes something like this:

Roger Simon and Charles Johnson decided blogging needed gravitas. The MSM is populated with half truths, outright lies, and very few naked pictures of Adrienne Barbeau's tits, so Rog and Chuckie felt that telling the whole truth and dispensing with lies altogether would be kinda cool. People would flock to their site like lemmings over a cliff just to get a taste of the truth, but they screwed up by naming their venture Open Source Media because it was already taken. First they lied about it, then waffled, then finally said okay, back we go to being the Pajama Party. The site isn't put together very well, the stories are either boring or lame, but they figure that by spending enormous sums of money on ads, folks will click in and keep clicking in.

But they forgot to include pics of Adrienne Barbeau's tits and the whole thing is going rather badly, so here's something they can use with my full permission just to get things back on track.

What's that you say? They'd only throw a pajama over her anyway? Good point. They DO seem to be the type to win a gold medal then take it to be bronzed.


Jerry Troutman said...

Great googly moogly!

Fits said...

Yeah, I debated if I should have gone full frontal but what the hell. Most of the folks that stop by are friends anyways so why not.

And I agree 100%. Her moogly's are magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Me too want some!