Friday, December 16, 2005

A Hiatus

From paying attention to the back and forth political nonsense that passes for news these days. It's the Holiday Season, and dammit but I want to get in and STAY in the frickin spirit of things. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and the hell with the Patriot Act and the NY Times claiming that the NSA may have overstepped it's authority in monitoring phone calls, even if such monitoring saved countless lives.

This is a maddening circle of point and counterpoint that will NEVER stop spinning, and I for one am not giving in and letting it ruin my Christmas. I'll keep up with posting the news from Stop The ACLU, and link to the Rotweiller when he gives good rant, stuff like that, but am not going to be drawn into these battles. Others do it far better, and I want to focus my attention on what's good with the world at least until the New Year is upon us.

So call me Polly-freakin-Anna, but I'm a happy and blessed man who has much to be thankful for. Besides, poking fun at the Pajama Party is lots more fun and more important because they've convinced far too many bloggers that THEIR way is the BETTER way, and fuck me if I'll let idiots with make-believe GRAVITAS get away with this shit.

And may whichever deity you worship bless you too, and allow you to enjoy this wonderful time of year. Life can suck but the alternative sucks even more. Enjoy yourself, crack a smile even when you don't have to or don't want to. Give the better half a reach-around for no other reason than you want to show your love. Take stock in what's RIGHT about things, and leave the sky-is-falling bullshit for another day. About 85% of us here in the states are Christians, so go do something Christ-like even if no one is around to see it or pat you on the back for it.

There IS a Santa Claus. Inside of each and every last one of us so let yours show a little. Fuck it, let it show a LOT. Be a kid again, if only for the Holidays. I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself.

And oh yeah, since I'm a Marine don't stop sending those pics of hot babes. It's Christmas but let's not go crazy here.

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