Monday, December 19, 2005

No one is commenting on this. Outside of the flag waving. And it's great to give support to fellow bloggers but enough is enough.

Kim du Toit is back online, not that he ever really left the blogosphere, he simply pulled a turtle and continued blogging under an assumed name due to difficulties with an investor he and the Missus were associated with.

Never liked the du Toit blog, and for reasons too numerous to spend my time yanking his chain about. Suffice to say I felt he overdid it when it came to protecting his sacred bodily fluids from each and every living entity that might pose a threat, and my life experience has taught me that when someone protests too much they're hiding something, but who gives a rats ass, right?

Unright. We've enough problems with the perception that gun owners are an inbred neanderthal sub species, and I'd wince at the du Toit'isms that went a long way towards providing ammunition for the naysayers to use as fodder in their attacks against us. Chickenhawks CAN and DO go overboard, for my money the whole du Toit deal was embarassing, and now they have returned.

Asking for money. The home-schooling deal fell through, they're in debt up to their eyebrows, and what the hell ever happened to people just going out and working for a living to rectify a bad financial situation.

Beats me. And I'd have no right in hell to comment upon this were it not for the fact that they're parading the dirty laundry about for all the world to see, and gosh gee, but if it were anyone else the blogs would be screaming bloody murder, but Kim has been around for that length of time that places one above criticism, but not from these quarters.

Wanna hear how hard I've worked all my life? About the places I've been, the chances I took and the measly return as far as monetary rewards? Of course you fucking do not. And I'd die as a frozen bum in the gutter before asking for a plug nickle. Men do the deed and go about their business. Wanna hear about all of the shit I sent to Iraq? The munitions, the gear, the frickin toilet paper? Course you don't. Thousands of guys like me did the same thing and are continuing to. Not for hits on a blog, not for strokes, not for nothing but continuing the process that began, for me at least, decades ago. America is free because its men and women fight to keep it that way. They get shit for pay and crap for gear, but you DO go to war with the army you've got and this has been going on for thousands of years and isn't changing anytime soon. Some of us know what the dudes REALLY need and we did as much as we could to make it so.

And if I spent every last cent I still wouldn't tell you all about it nor ask for a dime in return. Naked pics of Adrienne Barbeau, yes.

Anyway, Kim is back and for me that sucks because there are enough posers to go around, and certainly far too many folks looking for a handout.

Now go ahead, all the friends of Kim, go ahead and make like something said over the internet would actually tick me off, so fire away. You've the perfect right to defend a friend.

But if you stop sending the pics I'll die.

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